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HFL Position Stats

The attached document details all of our fund's positions and where they are relative to their highs/lows, moving averages, and pivot points.  All of the traders on our desk use this spreadsheet to identify potential levels of support and resistance in our names.  This spreadsheet will be updated on a daily basis to ensure the data is relevant and timely.

HFL Position Stats 8-2-2010FileJeffrey Tynik2010-08-02
HFL Postion Stats 8-3-2010FileJeffrey Tynik2010-08-02
HFL Position Stats 7-30-2010FileJeffrey Tynik2010-07-30
HFL Position Stats 7/29/2010FileJeffrey Tynik2010-07-28
HFL Position Stats 7/28/2010FileJeffrey Tynik2010-07-27
HFL Position Stats 7/27/2010FileJeffrey Tynik2010-07-26
HFL Position Stats 7/23/2010FileJeffrey Tynik2010-07-22
HFL Position Stats 7-21-2010FileJeffrey Tynik2010-07-21