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Wall Street Journal Review

Every trader should start the day by reading through a credible financial news resource.  Our CEO. Jeremy Frommer, favors The Wall Street Journal, published daily by Dow Jones & Company.  The information and writing in the Journal are top-notch, just a few reasons it is the most popular newspaper in the U.S., with over 2 million copies in circulation.  However, you should never believe everything you read.  Join Jeremy as he reviews the biggest stories in the Journal, pointing out the important subtleties that most readers don't notice.

Keys to Deciphering Section 3 of the WSJFileJeremy Frommer2010-08-04
WSJ Review Part 3VideoJeremy Frommer2010-08-04
WSJ Review Part 2VideoJeremy Frommer2010-08-02
Keys to Deciphering Secton 2 of the WSJFileJeremy Frommer2010-08-02
WSJ Review Part 1VideoJeremy Frommer2010-07-28
Keys to Deciphering the Front Page of the WSJFileJeremy Frommer2010-07-28