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Trading Floor Schematics

"A trading floor relies on communication - both person-to-person within the trading room, and electronically with the outside world."

-Trading Floor Design Basics, by Robert McFarlane

The Oval Desk

The TFG Trading Matrix Oval Desk is truly one of a kind.  In fact, its shape has become the symbol of our company.  Inspired by the elaborate skylight on our main trading floor, the TFG desk is 27 feet long and 8 feet wide, with semi-circular ends.  It fills our trading floor and allows everyone on our team to remain in constant contact, perfect for the organic style of communication we employ.  No trader, no matter how senior, is allowed to stack computer monitors, as that would interfere with the line of sight that each person at the desk currently maintains with all others.  Each person at the desk can read the lips and facial expressions of every other, which is a vital component of our business model.

A master craftsman spent two months designing and building our desk.  It consists of sixteen custom-tailored pieces, collectively weighing approximately one ton.  The tabletop itself is made up of eight pieces with eight corresponding support blocks underneath.  Through the length of the middle of the table, there is a channel through which we have funneled all of the wires protruding from our workstations.  As we all strive to be, the desk is perfect for TFG’s needs.  It is undoubtedly the centerpiece of our office, as well as the epicenter for everything that we hope to accomplish.

The Octagonal Desk

Around the Office

Our office is a modern and sleek looking loft, a very unique space for a hedge fund.  This slideshow will give you a better idea of what our office looks like and where we spend our days.


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