Memorable Quotes

Every man is a damn fool for at least five minutes every day; wisdom consists in not exceeding the limit.

-Elbert Hubbard (1856-1915) – American author and philosopher


At TFG Trading Matrix, we take pride in the organic nature of our trading desk.  Everyone at the desk is encouraged to participate in the discussion and play an active role in the generation of ideas and content.  From day one, each member of our team is constantly reminded to breathe deeply and think carefully before speaking.  Unfortunately, despite those precautions, every once in a while, a priceless gem slips out and makes its way onto our live broadcast.  Gathered here are the most memorable quotes from the TFG trading desk.  Make sure to soak in all the wisdom.



Quote Name Date
(Klein) Have you ever shotguned a beer before? (Zach responds) Have you ever breathed air before? Zach Guterman 6/30/2010
Bobby Brown from the original karate kid is like a chaotic good in Dungeons and Dragons  Jeremy Klien 6/28/2010
We're going to have a lot of first time courses as Judah and I build out the curriculum at FU, Frommer University. Mark Moskowitz 6/22/2010
I actually make my own sandals. Zach Guterman 6/18/2010
Would we even want to see the Spooz close green on the day? (We are very net long.) Zach Guterman 6/17/2010
(To Shine) You're an enigma wrapped in a riddle sometimes. Dean Machado 6/17/2010
Mark Moskowitz: Your car would run on alcohol (on ethanol).
Marc Schwartz: I would never waste my alcohol on a car.
Marc Schwartz 6/15/2010
What's the call sign for Oscar? Dean Machado 6/11/2010
This market for me is like a Hasidic guy in a whore house. David Shine 6/10/2010
The market is soiled like my two-year old's diaper. Jeremy Klein 6/9/2010
Simple, you turn them off.  They've got to sign on, give the credit card number.  And that's it.  And then you e-mail them and say you're putting the price up or you're taking it down or whatever. Rupert Murdoch 6/3/2010
Repetition is the mother of skill. Mark Moskowitz 6/2/2010
Jeremy Frommer: Alan is not a big topper of bids.
Alan Portnoi: Actually, I have a big picture with Babe Ruth in my living room that constantly reminds me of what it's like to be a topper of bids in a bull market.
Shine: You were there with Babe Ruth?
David Shine 5/26/2010
Klein is a historian who trades the futures. Dean Machado 5/25/2010
Fibonacci is the founder of Tutor Perini. (Referring to Fibonacci retracements.) Mark Moskowitz 5/19/2010
Dean Machado: Owners are rushing to cover their pools with tarp to avoid being seen from space.
Mark Moskowitz: So would we call that the TARP program?
Mark Moskowitz 5/14/2010
(In response to Jeremy Klein's comment that a certain California mayor's alleged sexual exploits with a high school student did not derail his political career.)  Klein, I didn't know you went to high school in California. Mark Moskowitz 5/13/2010
(To Schwartz) In my wife's high heels I can beat you [in a race]. Jeremy Frommer 5/11/2010
Mark Moskowitz: What is a cloud environment?
Jeremy Frommer: It's where Dean goes home to every night.
Jeremy Frommer 5/5/2010
When it breaks, it's broken. Mark Moskowitz 4/29/2010
Shitty, shitty, shitty. Senator Levin 4/27/2010
I'm a very sensitive human being. Dean Machado 4/27/2010
You know what that company's [VVUS] last drug was?  The erection drug.  These people are making one thing go up and one thing go down. Mark Moskowitz 4/27/2010
I looked amazing. (Referring to after he had his make up done for his CNBC interview.) Mark Moskowitz 4/27/2010
She's [Nancy Reagan] one of my favorite first ladies. Dean Machado 4/26/2010
Rockland County is the stepping stone for greatness. Jeremy Klein 4/23/2010
Do or do not.  There is no try. Yoda 4/23/2010
Jeremy Frommer: My best trades are made when I have patience.
Mark Moskowitz: Did you ever think about becoming a doctor?
Mark Moskowitz 4/23/2010
Jeremy Frommer: By the way, Annie, you didn't go over outstanding positions with me today.
Annie Feldman: I did in my head.
Annie Feldman 4/22/2010
We don't begrudge success when it is earned. Barack Obama 4/22/2010
Tutor Perini is where they school Italian kids. Mark Moskowitz 4/21/2010
The obvious is not where the money is. David Shine 4/21/2010
Jeremy Frommer (to Dean): Where is your man purse?
Mark Moskowitz: It's sitting right next to you (referring to Judah).
Mark Moskowitz 4/21/2010
(To Shine) Get your head out of the Dow. Jeremy Klein 4/16/2010
(In response to the question "what movie is 'how about them apples' from?")
Jeremy Klein: Good Will Hunting.
Judah Frommer: Good Will Hunting is based on the life of Klein.
Judah Frommer 4/15/2010
At the end of the day, the Fed is worthless. Jeremy Klein 4/8/2010
We bought a little me yesterday.  (Referring to MEE, not an actual mini-Dean.) Dean Machado 4/7/2010
Jeremy Klein: Just a reminder, 1177 was the key level in the Spooz in '01-'02.
Mark Moskowitz: I was thinking the exact same thing.
Mark Moskowitz 3/25/2010
There is no penny in the Spies. David Shine 3/23/2010
The E-MINIs are up ten; I guess it's taco night for Klein. Dean Machado 3/23/2010
Be agnostic, trade on the same side of the market, and use your indicators.  That is how you make money in every market. Marc Schwartz 3/19/2010
Jeremy Frommer: Lazard is a prime candidate for a buyout.
Jeremy Klein: Who would be a good buyer of Lazard?
Frommer:  It would have to be a foreign bank.
Klein: I just thought of an excellent name.  It's a little strange, because I'm an abstract thinker.  Jeremy, you're gonna love it!  Nomura.
James Broderick (trainee): That's the name I was thinking of.
Klein: No you weren't.
James Broderick/Jeremy Klein 3/18/2010
(In response to the fact that there is no place like the Apple service center for PCs)
It’s worse.  You actually call a service center in – I won’t say which country, but it’s very far from here.  
Mark Moskowitz 3/5/2010
(In response to the question "what was your job before this?")
My job was to listen to Moskowitz teach.
Annie Feldman 3/3/2010
Deliver as much detail as you can, as concisely as you can deliver it. Mark Moskowitz 3/3/2010
I'm just here to make the world a better place. David Shine 2/24/2010
My Grandma says: always step with your right foot first.   Alex Pavone 1/25/2010
Don’t just tell me about what you would have made had you taken the trade; tell me how much you saved from avoiding the trades you didn't take. Mark Moskowitz 1/4/2010