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HFL Fashion

Wall Street has always been a hotbed for business fashion.  Financial professionals try to stay at the forefront of fashion when it comes to formal and business attire.  Here, at Hedge Fund LIVE, there are a few people who are similarly dedicated to the art of business casual.  Displayed here are some of the most noteworthy looks that have made their way into our office.


Ranan G. 6/23/10

a.k.a. Ramon


Eitan F. 6/23/10

Does this intern have a pot of gold?


Jeff T. 6/21/10

A new 'do for the freshman. 

Is this the opposite of a mullet?  

Eric Moed 6/16/10

Our stylish guest returns.


Alan Portnoi 6/3/10

In the mood for summer


Jeremy Frommer 6/3/10

Some facial fashion from the CEO


Jeremy Klein 6/3/10

Cleaning bird droppings off his pants.  Not fashionable.


Shine 6/1/10

A pinker pink


Shine 5/28/2010

Getting ready for the unofficial start to summer.


Jeremy Klein


First time in real pants.


Alan Portnoi and Shine


Best Friends

Shine 5/18/2010  

Eric Moed 5/17/2010

A stylish guest and his favorite green skinny jeans.


Weber 5/17/2010

New hairdo.  Has he lost his power?


Dean Machado 5/14/2010

...let's hope so.


Shine 5/13/10

Bringing back the priest shirt...

...and topping it off with some nice shoes  

Weber 5/12/10

Laid back


Jeff T. 5/11/10

Expressing himself through food.


Zach G. 5/11/10


Weber 5/11/10  

Annie F. 5/11/10

Her favorite kaffiyeh

Zach G. 5/10/10  

Weber 5/7/10

No sleep 'til...


Zach G. 5/7/10

The new Lumberjack?


Alan Portnoi 5/7/10

Shine 5/5/2010  

Jeff T. 5/5/2010

(Starting to pop his collar like Shine)


Mark Moskowitz 5/5/2010

(Enjoying the weather)

Daniel Weber 5/4/2010  
Daniel Weber 4/30/2010  
Shine 4/30/2010  
Daniel Weber 4/29/2010  
Shine 4/29/2010  
Daniel Weber 4/28/10  
Shine 4/28/10  
Daniel Weber 4/27/10  
        Shine 4/26/10