Talk Amongst Yourselves

Each day, at 11:15 AM EST, our freshmen and trainees present a forum discussion about a hot topic of their choosing in a segment we call "Talk Amongst Yourselves".  An ode to Linda Richman of SNL's "Coffee Talk" (played by Mike Myers), this portion of our broadcast allows the younger traders to share current events and other interesting thoughts with each other.  The topics covered range from beverage taxes to music downloads, and everything in between.

Below, you will find links to the articles and stories that have sparked the conversation on "Talk Amongst Yourselves".

Topic Article Publication Author Moderator Date
Chinese Companies in the U.S. American Made... Chinese Owned Fortune Sheridan Prasso Zach 6/2/2010 
Green Business        Wal-Mart, Patagonia Team To Green Business Forbes Monte Burke Betty 5/28/2010
Light Powered Computers Optical Lights in Computers   Annie 5/24/2010
Takeover Rumor Does Amazon want to buy Netflix? Paul R. Lamoncia Jeff 5/17/2010

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