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hedgefundlive- Please refer to a blog by 1 of our jr. traders ,Eric Kelley. He writes about the effect of the euro and dollar on the equitys markets. In order to keep pace with the ever changing markets i have begun working on the Euro which seems to be very correllated with the us markets.My forecast for today ,5,12 is bullish .The cyclical strength in the us equitys is supported by the euro forecast.As of this writing the markets have traded down to a trendline on a daily chart. Im predicting it will hold,if it breaks the integrity of the rally will disintegrate

Jupiter and Venus-AstroView

Hedgefundlive.com-I dont know how its going to happen ,it could be dirty but the view for next week 5/9-5/13 is bullish .The market as measured by the sp500 has had a 50% correction of the last swing on a daily basis.The market traded at the 832 area both on thurs and friday making a base for a resumption of the rally.

mon-5/9 back and forth -but at 330 pm a buy

tues-5/10 sloppy in am- 1 pm rally

weds- 5/11 -bullish all day

thurs- 5/12- bullish all day

fri-will blog on weds


3 days down-astroView

hedgefundlive.com- The US markets have traded down for 3 days,almost in a straight line on an hourly basis . The hi was the death of Bib Laden announcement which coincided with an extremely overbought condition including the channell hi which is very powerful price resistance. There are 2 long term astro cycles forming which should provide some support to the present oversold condition.jupiter is trining(120 degrees) the nodes of the moon and the galactic center. So i expect thurs ,5/5 to firm up and rally. The fly in the ointment or the bullish catalyst is the EU meeting at 945 am.


HedgeFundLIVE.com —    Its not an easy week to discern a swing or 2-3 day trend.There are not alot of cycles and no longer term cycles forming.

mon-4/25 pos in am till 1pm when things turn neg till 330 pm and then pos .

tues-4/26 mixed all day until pos at 2pm .looks like a possible bull run.

weds-4/27 mixed to neg till 1130 am. at 1130 till 3 pm neg turning pos at 3pm


thurs- 4/28 looks pos until 3 pm then flattening out

fri-4/29 looks mildly neg all day with increase in neg cycles at 12pm


HedgeFundLive.com —  Im writing this on the close of 4/18 as opposed to the usual sunday evening.Monday(4/18) was very wild  precipitated by a sp corp downgrade of the us paper.there is a dearth of cyclical activity this week.Im going to present the week ahead using the diurnal daily forecasts.

mon(after the fact) was neg in the am and positive in the pmbeginning 1220 pm.

tues-weak in the am beginning at 9am-10am,positive in the pm at 12 pm thru 130 pm

weds-very positive all day

thurs-neg at 8am ,pos at 1020 am  till 2pm when forecast turns neg



Hedgefundlive-I didnt do my usual week ahead on sunday evening to technical factors.My poor little notebook is showing signs of wear and tear and i devoted attention to another twist of the diurnals.The market just gets more and more complex as time marches on requiring getting the most out of the cyclical studies. At this time it appears that there is an improvement.As far as my laptop its in intensive care and the issue is in doubt.



a bit conflicted-Astroview

Hedgefundlive.com-when i look at a daily chart the picture looks a bit ominous, especially in the face of all the bullish conversation here at hedgefundlive. And my indicators are not set up to attack from the short side at least not yet. Daily stochastics are overbought and rolling over.The bollenger bands are  up around 1343 .one strong rally day could reach them.The problem i have is that the short term cyclical studies are not lining up in support of the long term astrological cycles and the daily technical picture. Possibly next week?

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Szygy-astro view-3/16

hedgefundlive.com—So i obviously have made a decision that the symbolic language of astrology has pragmatic value but i want to give our members and traders a heads up from an astro-physics point of view.Given that our attention is on events in japan which stem from a tsunami and a 9.2 earthquake i think its important for everyone to know that more events are rapidly approaching which have major gravitational effects on our planet.On 3/19 there is a full moon which is historic in gravitational effects. The full moon is occurring at a perigee(closest to earth) and very close to the suns ingress in aries(spring). These 3 events serve as multipliers regarding there physical effect on the earth.In addition there are major planetary relationships forming which also participate in the energy and gravitational fields.IN OTHER WORDS THERE ARE VERY FEW HISTORICAL EXPIERIENCES AVAILABLE TO STUDY.

Astrology would consider the planetary cycles forming next week as bearish

Diurnals, Day Trading - Astro View

HedgeFundLIVE.com — In 1985 i began a research project which i essentially just completed on sunday, march3,2011. i was involved in a trading business with a consortium of the up-stairs trading operation of a number of NYSE specialists firms. They took longer term positions based on a model that i had developed.The model was built around astro cycles of a long term nature and conventional technical analysis.a very complete study of sentiment-psychological indicators was a very important part of the process.Unfortunately these sentiment indicators are no longer functional,it seems that they have been overemployed.For a variety of reasons i began work on a short -term astrological forecast to handle the vagaries of intra-day trading. The method i employed was called “a diurnal” meaning of the day.In order to implement this method it requires an exact birthday , day,place and exact time of day to a second.Precise is a requirement and its not as easy as you  might think. what i have are exact starting times of theDOW and the Sp500 ,im optimizing the NASDAQ 100 today. When i plot and add together the cycles from the sp and dow ,the result seems to be a forecast on a daily basis which is extremely accurrate. My initial observation is that the Nasdaq study also contributes.Beginning weds,3,10,2011 i will post the diurnal forecast (before the fact).

S&P Horoscope: The Astro View-reinflation,euphoria,dreams


Star Man and friends out for the night

Here we are,the culmination of neptune sextile nodesof the moon. This is the cycle that has provided the bullish impetus present in the market since jan 1,2011.Its qualitive nature has been very difficult for market participants both fundamental and technical.By its very nature it defies structure, the rallys have had a dream like quality to them.the cycle reaches culmination at 6 pm on mar 4,so it will be in influence all week providing a floor for sell offs if not a blow off on the upside.

monday(2/28)—- very difficult to determine— the short term forecast contains bearish cycles that culminated over the weekend and the residual bearish energy could still be present . i think it will be weak on but by

tues(3/1)- looks positive till 3pm and then weak

weds(3/2)-bullish cycles resume

and in the background is the bullish long term cycle.

on tues 3/1 i will blog with regard to the short forecasts for thurs and fri(3/3-3/4)

its important to note for the monday (2/28) session the 62% retracement at 1324 and the 50% retracement at 1318 in the sp e-mini


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