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Welcome to TFG Trading Matrix.  If you are new to the site, we suggest that you get started by taking a look at the following areas.



If you are a Trial Premium Member or a Premium Member, we highly recommend that you tune in to our Live Broadcast, which airs from 7:45 AM to 4:15 PM each trading day.  By listening to our broadcast, you will truly understand how our trading desk operates and what we have to offer.  Throughout the broadcast, you will hear insightful commentary on the market, educational lectures on a variety of subjects, and an endless stream of helpful updates about our portfolios.


Trial Premium Members and Premium Members are able to view our Risk Manager's Screen in real time.  Throughout the trading day, you will have the opportunity to monitor the positions in our portfolios, keep track of our P&L, and follow along as our traders enter and exit new positions.  The Risk Manager's Screen displays the firm's total P&L, as well as individual portfolios and P&Ls for a number of our traders and portfolio managers.  


Wall Street traders are a very introspective and analytical group, as is evidenced by our extensive External Reading List.  In addition to monitoring the ebb and flow of the global markets, many traders choose to monitor their own performances quite meticulously.  All of the contributors to TFG Trading Matrix keep detailed journals of their reactions to and reflections upon the markets and the economy as a whole.  Those insightful and shrewd observations are recorded daily in our traders’ personal blogs.  Some are humorous, and some are not, but all of our blogs are incredibly useful and accurate tools for measuring the pulse of the markets.  The market is a rollercoaster, and it is a daunting challenge to predict what lies around the bend, but our blogs will provide you with the perspective you need to understand where the market has been and where it is going.


TFG Trading Matrix has developed a unique environment where Members are encouraged to take part in the educational curriculum taught by our senior traders and portfolio managers.  All of our junior traders go through a rigorous educational process, the products of which are consistently updated on our website under the Education menu.  A core piece of the program is the Instructor Blueprint for each course, which provides a summary and description of each course.  In addition, our junior traders take extensive Lecture Notes on each course as it is taught. 


Our junior traders are constantly recording notes on every topic that is discussed at our trading desk.  The Traders’ Weekly Desk Notes provide an excellent glimpse into how ideas and content are generated by our team.  Furthermore, they lay out a clear guideline of how our days are structured and how the junior traders approach the training process.


As part of our educational process, junior traders are asked to develop lessons on their own.  Socratic Trade Reviews give junior traders an opportunity to put what they have learned into practice and share the results with our Members.  A typical Socratic Trade Review will discuss a particular trade made by one of our traders, complete with explanations of the motivation behind the trade, the strategy employed, and the lesson learned from the experience.