About Us

As part of TFG’s journey, our CEO, Jeremy Frommer, posed a question to the entire company.  He asked us, “What are we?”  Each member of our team arrived at TFG on a unique path, and thus each has his own perception of the opportunity that lies before us.  We would like to share with you our feelings about whom we are and what we are trying to achieve.  We hope that, by knowing how we see ourselves, you will better be able to understand what TFG is.

The TFG Trading Matrix is a multi-strategy hedge fund wrapped inside a media affiliate. Its members seek to maximize risk adjusted returns, capturing alpha from a diverse set of strategies ranging from long term fundamental long-short equity portfolios to short term global macro trading. The firm views transparency as an opportunity rather than an obstacle and will proactively broadcast its ideas, positions, and returns dynamically via written, visual, and oral media streams. It is an incubator of talent where master traders go beyond bids and offers to teach their craft through their past successes and failures to anyone willing to put in the maximum commitment required to become a teacher himself. Above all, The TFG Trading Matrix is a team where no one person is greater or lesser than the next and, without a doubt, its whole is far greater than the sum of its parts.

- Jeremy Klein, Chief Market Strategist and Head of Futures Trading

What is the TFG Trading Matrix?
The TFG Trading Matrix is a window into a world heretofore closed to Main Street America.  It was started by a group of senior Wall Street professionals with over 100 years of combined industry experience who had had enough of the status quo.  Most hedge funds are ultra-secretive organizations whose activities even the US Government has trouble accessing.  Well, we wanted to change that, by helping to bridge the ever-widening gap between Wall Street and Main Street. Thus, we started the TFG Trading Matrix which is the media affiliate of an ultra-transparent hedge fund started by that same group of senior Wall Street professionals.   Through the TFG Trading Matrix, we have put our hedge fund on the web for all subscribers to see.
Who are these Wall Street Professionals?
As mentioned above, we are a group of senior Wall Street professionals who have come together to not only build something unique but to also make a change in the status quo.  We are:
- Jeremy - The CEO.
- Alan - The President and Head of Marketing
- Dean - Head of Research and Senior Portfolio Manager
- Klein - Chief Market Strategist and Head of Futures Trading
- Schwartz - COO and Head of Risk Management
- Mosk - Head of Equities Trading
- Shine - Head of Momentum Trading
- Judah - Analyst
- Sam - Media Liaison
- Saad - Internal Technologist
What do we do?
The answer is simple:  we run our hedge fund and you, the subscriber, get to virtually be in the room while we do it.  Subscribers to the TFG Trading Matrix have full access to our daily webinar which begins at 7:45am with opening remarks from our CEO and continues with market commentary, trading and research related content throughout the trading day until after the market closes.  You will virtually be with us through the highs and lows, the mundane and exciting, the simple and the complex.  During the trading day you will be a part of nearly everything that happens on our trading floor.  The webinar ends with a market wrap up and a portfolio review conducted by our CEO.  While on the TFG Trading Matrix webinar, the subscriber is exposed to real trading floor and research discussion that is actually occurring at our hedge fund.  This is the real thing.  Trades are being made and portfolios are being built and the subscriber is a virtual part of it.  In addition to the webinar, the TFG Trading Matrix is also a website where a subscriber can go at his leisure and read our blogs, study our Socratic trade reviews and idea write-ups, learn from our Understanding by Design-based trading and analysis curriculum, join our professional analyst community, and just be a part of the life of a hedge fund through the eyes of its people.
Join us. Become a member of the TFG Trading Matrix and go where few people have gone before…

- Dean Machado, Head of Research and Senior PM

To quote one of our principals, the TFG Trading Matrix is “just here to make the world a better place”.  Hedge Funds have always been cloaked in secrecy.  Conventional wisdom tells us that hedge funds are investment vehicles for experienced institutional and wealthy private investors; the complexity of their investment strategies is only surpassed by their riskiness.  TFG changes this, replacing the cloak of secrecy with one of transparency.  Members of the Matrix can not only listen to our hedge fund trading desk, they can watch our trading screens in real-time, watch us enter and exit positions, and know the strategy being employed for each investment made.  This is not a professional day trading firm.  This is a hedge fund whose principals bring with them more than 100 years of Wall Street experience.  100 years of experience that will be poured out onto our website and in our broadcasts. 

- Judah Frommer, Analyst

The TFG Trading Matrix represents a revolution in the world of financial trading.  For the first time in history, a hedge fund and a media company are being fused into one groundbreaking venture.  The business model behind this creation closely resembles the well-known double-helix model of a strand of DNA.  On one side, there is a fast-paced hedge fund composed of accomplished experts in the field.  On the other side, there is a state-of-the art, interactive media platform uniting seasoned traders with an audience that craves information, education, and strategic guidance.  Connecting the two sides of the business are the four pillars upon which the company stands – Communication, Technology, Group effort, and Attention to detail.  Combined, these components form a unique and powerful living, breathing organism.  As TFG continues to grow, it aims to imbed itself into the genetic makeup of the financial services world.  Considering the company’s immense growth in just a few short months, the supreme value of our content, and the unlimited potential of our team, there is little doubt that our goals are within reach.

- Sam Frommer, Media Liaison

The TFG Trading Matrix, is a New Jersey based hedge fund and media company, founded by Jeremy Frommer and Alan Portnoi.  The fund uses multiple strategies to produce maximum returns for their investors andfocuses on a long/short portfolio, short term trading, and global futures trading.  TFG generates ideas through collective intelligence and organic thinking.  TFG prides itself on a tireless work ethic, integrity, and transparency.   

- Jeff Tynik, Freshman

The TFG Trading Matrix is an amalgam of traditional Hedgefund trading and investment functions coupled with a unique media experience.  On the investment side of the firm, TFG employs a multi-strategy approach combining technical and fundamental analysis.  The TFG Trading Matrix manages a long term portfolio of equities as well as a shorter term swing book.  The ideas for these holdings are generated organically by the entire firm and are carefully researched by our fundamental analysts.  Furthermore, TFG utilizes technical analysis to help guide its timing and pricing for entering and exiting positions.  In addition to these overnight positions, the firm generates alpha through intraday trading.  Currently, TFG employs one futures trader, two senior equities traders, and five student traders. 

The media side of the business seeks to provide members with valuable, proprietary information they can use in their own trading and provides full transparency into the operations of the Hedgefund.  This is accomplished through our webinar and our homepage.  The daily webinar is designed to provide our listeners with information ranging from major macroeconomic events to individual trades executed by the traders.  In the pre-market session, the Senior Partners of the firm provide a recap of overnight trading, analyst upgrades and downgrades, earnings reports, and other relevant market and firm specific information.  During the hours when the market is open, the webinar shifts focus to the price movements of various equities as well as the S&P futures.  Throughout the day, members are encouraged to ask questions and provide comments to the trading desk who will respond in real-time.  Furthermore, our website contains information to supplement the content on the webinar and provide increased transparency.  The website contains trader blogs, trade reviews, educational content, desk notes, and a detailed list of the firm’s long term positions.  Through the combination of market acumen and full transparency The TFG Trading Matrix seeks to nurture abstract thought that will educate and benefit our listeners. 

- Zachary Guterman, Freshman

The TFG Trading Matrix is a fully transparent hedge fund that marries investment trading with online media broadcasting. By disclosing the daily activities of a hedge fund via blogging, audio, video and content posting, any subscriber of TFGtradingmatrix.com is able to learn and experience a comprehensive, top-notch “how to be a day trader” education.  The TFG Trading Matrix is comprised of a team of master traders, analysts and trainees who work collaboratively throughout the entire trading process—from creating the trading plan to trading interactively to constantly commenting on the market and reviewing the failures and success of the day. New traders are brought onto the team, where they are extensively trained and equipped to quickly immerse into the business of trading by the first month’s end.

For the last two decades, technological innovation and the web have driven business communication and information to new levels of interconnectedness. Individual play in the trading world can no longer compete with team play. Collective intelligence is the only way to move forward. The TFG Trading Matrix realizes this direction of interconnectedness and intends to capitalize on the notion that trading as a team brings more information and perspective to the table and therefore will bring more success.  Online live access to this information will be invaluable for anyone interested in learning the nuts and bolts of a hedge fund and more importantly, how to profitably trade.

- Annie Feldman, Trainee