Shine Power Alley Watchlists

David "Shine" Shein is our Head Momentum Trader.  David scours the markets, utilizing various scans to identify stock for his "Power Alley".


Below is a sample of Shine's Power Alley as it appears during the morning meeting.

Power Alley 6.29.20102.06 MB
Power Alley 6.24.20102.06 MB
Power Alley 6.15.201035.1 KB
+$290 an hour in SNDK Trades 6.14.201013.5 KB
Short Interest 4.12.20107.73 KB
Power Alley 4.12.20108.54 KB
short interest names 3.23.201010.66 KB
coffee-related stock info 3.9.2010610.38 KB
regional banks info 3.1.2010449.59 KB
foreign banks info 2.26.201047.94 KB
casinos info 2.24.201038.58 KB
homebuilders info 2.24.201055.22 KB
mortgage insurers info 2.23.201043.43 KB