Hedge Fund Freshman & Trainee Courses

The TFG Instructional Blueprint (IB) is a unique outline design employed by all master traders and portfolio managers at the TFG Trading Matrix.  Each course in the TFG curriculum has its own IB.  After years of examining and experimenting with a multitude of trading teaching styles, our CEO has settled upon this style in particular.  The IB structure is a derivative of our overall educational process. 

Our educational process observes the teaching methodology outlined by Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe in their original work Understanding by Design.  The fulcrum of this approach is “backward design”, the concept that planning a lesson can only begin once the desired goals to be met by that lesson have been defined.  Once goals have been outlined, and only then, can the instructor determine the appropriate means necessary to reach that goal.  Each of our courses is designed with mastery of a particular skill or set of skills in mind.  The outline (IB), lesson, readings, and activities attached to that course have been carefully written and selected in anticipation of achieving the stated goal.  Combining each of these skills will arm you with what we believe is the necessary arsenal to become a successful trader.  


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