Marc Schwartz - Chief Operating Officer, Head of Risk Management

Marc Schwartz, Principal, Chief Operating Officer and Head of Risk Management

Mr. Schwartz has over 11 years of industry experience and is currently Chief Operating Officer and Head of Risk for The Frommer Group, LLC.  As Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Schwartz is in charge of the financial and operational elements of the business.  In his role as Head of Risk, Mr. Schwartz oversees the strategic management of risk on an enterprise-wide basis.  Prior to joining the General Partner, Mr. Schwartz was Co- Head of RBC Professional Trading Group, where he was responsible for managing the revenues and risk of more than 250 proprietary traders.  Mr. Schwartz was a member of the Global Prime Services Operating Committee and a registered Futures Principal of RBC Capital Markets Corp.  Mr. Schwartz joined RBC through its acquisition of Carlin Financial Group, in which he was a minority owner.  Mr. Schwartz was the Chief Operating Officer of Carlin Futures, LLC.  Mr. Schwartz arrived at Carlin from NextGen Trading, LLC, where he developed relative value trading strategies and was a partner with Messieurs Frommer and Portnoi.  Marc studied Accounting at Queens College of the City University of New York.