Lumberjack's Axe

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Market Indicators  
Indicator Description Importance
Rolling tick Last tick of the day in the NYSE, i.e., how many stocks in NYSE are on uptick vs. downtick, averaged over last 22 days High
Average daily range Average spread between the high and low prices traded during one day High
Large cap vs. small cap performance Stock movement of companies with large market capitalization relative to that of companies with small market capitalization Low for short term; High for Long term
Indices performance Dow vs. S&P vs. Russell Low for short term; High for Long term
Volumes in futures markets Number of shares of contracts traded in the futures markets Medium
Open interest CME puts out a report daily on how many contracts were created vs. closed out; look for increase or decrease in contracts Medium
Commitments of Traders report CFTC releases a report every Friday detailing prior Tuesday's open interest for futures markets; shows where hedgers are positioning themselves Low