Alan Portnoi - President, Head of Sales & Marketing

Alan Portnoi, President, Head of Sales and Marketing

Mr. Portnoi has over 25 years of industry experience and is currently responsible for sales and marketing as the General Partner.  Previously, Mr. Portnoi was a Managing Director and ran the U.S. Event-Driven Trading Desk at RBC Capital Markets where he also was a member of the RBC Global Equities Operating Committee.  The Event Desk covered over 100 institutional clients and provided both high-touch and electronic trading execution services.  Mr. Portnoi joined RBC via RBC’s acquisition of Carlin where he was a significant equity holder at the time of the sale.  Mr. Portnoi ran the Institutional Sales and Trading Division at Carlin and was a key contributor to its growth.  Mr. Portnoi became associated with Carlin when NextGen Trading acquired a majority stake in Carlin.  At NextGen Trading, Mr. Portnoi established the Institutional Sales and Trading Desk.  Before joining NextGen Trading, Mr. Portnoi was a 15-year veteran and Managing Director of the Bear Stearns Risk Arbitrage Desk.  He has also held a senior position at Deutsche Bank.  Mr. Portnoi spent time on the buy-side as a portfolio manager with Fair Haven Capital and was also the Head Trader at Argonaut Capital, a global macro fund.  Messieurs Portnoi and Frommer have had a 17-year professional relationship.  Mr. Portnoi is a graduate of Cornell University.