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Not Taleb’s, Natalie’s Black Swan

I saw Black Swan this weekend.  While I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, I know that many people won’t feel the same.  The movie is dark, and left me feeling uncomfortable most of the time.  This is due to the tremendous acting skill of Natalie Portman, who emanates tension throughout the movie.  For all of us who recognized her talent in ‘The Professional’, we feel pride at all of her performances.  She is ‘ours’ (creepy huh?)

And here I come to the real point.  The director of the film is Darren Aronofsky.  He  also wrote and directed ‘Pi’.  A movie about a man, Max, who believes **(1) Mathematics is the language of nature; (2) Everything around us can be represented and understood from numbers; (3) If you graph the numbers in any systems, patterns emerge. Based on these principles, Max is trying to figure out a system to predict the behavior of the stock market.

Well, I know a man like Max.  We’ll call him Jack, because thats his name.  I’ve known him for nearly the last 8 years, and traded with him for 2 of them.  Jack understands chronometrics and cycles.  Like clockwork, when the computational numerical simulations and stellar dynamics  collide to form a black hole, Jack gives me a call.  He has sent me some of his recent work, which includes forecasting and technical analysis.  It has been good enough to make me take notice.  I have invited him to come to the office on Wednesday.  While I hope he can help generate positive P&L, there is one thing I know for sure.  Once the wormhole has been opened, there is no telling what is going to happen, and there is no going back.  But I guarantee it will be extremely entertaining.

Todays Aprox P&L:          $1,500

December  Aprox P&L:  $187,000

Portfolio:  2.7mm Long Value,  2.2mm Short Value


**taken from IMDB