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Diurnals, Day Trading - Astro View

HedgeFundLIVE.com — In 1985 i began a research project which i essentially just completed on sunday, march3,2011. i was involved in a trading business with a consortium of the up-stairs trading operation of a number of NYSE specialists firms. They took longer term positions based on a model that i had developed.The model was built around astro cycles of a long term nature and conventional technical analysis.a very complete study of sentiment-psychological indicators was a very important part of the process.Unfortunately these sentiment indicators are no longer functional,it seems that they have been overemployed.For a variety of reasons i began work on a short -term astrological forecast to handle the vagaries of intra-day trading. The method i employed was called “a diurnal” meaning of the day.In order to implement this method it requires an exact birthday , day,place and exact time of day to a second.Precise is a requirement and its not as easy as you  might think. what i have are exact starting times of theDOW and the Sp500 ,im optimizing the NASDAQ 100 today. When i plot and add together the cycles from the sp and dow ,the result seems to be a forecast on a daily basis which is extremely accurrate. My initial observation is that the Nasdaq study also contributes.Beginning weds,3,10,2011 i will post the diurnal forecast (before the fact).

some strength-astro view-3/7-3/11

HedgeFundLIVE.com - I do a number of astrological studies and all of them point to a rally at least thru weds ,3/10.On fri pm ,neptune culminated a very positive cycle and that energy will still be in effect for this week. In addition mars will sextile pluto and that cycle should also supply some bullish support. That cycle culminates on tues,3/8 in the am.One of the studies is called a diurnal,which means of the day.when i put them together on an hourly basis they suggest that weds midday will be the high for the week,so buying dips and oversold conditions is the way to go,mon thru weds am.

mon-3/7 bullish ,especially after 2 pm

tues - 3/8 bullish, especially in the am,mixed in pm

weds-3/9 bullish-consistent thu the day

thurs- 3/10 bullish in the am neg in pm

fri-3/11 bearish especially in the pm


Love, Sex, and Money - What Does Your Zodiac Tell You?

Neptune Enters Pisces

HedgeFundLIVE — In astrology there is a direct relationship between the stock market, love and money.  For example, if you feel good about yourself and believe that you deserve love and intimacy it supports drawing money towards you.

Venus + Acquarius = Sex & Money

Conversely, making money supports a feeling of well being in order to attract love.  On April 4, 2011 an important macro cosmic event takes place; Neptune is entering the sign of Pisces, ending the 14 year cycle of Neptune in Aquarius. The Neptune ingress (entrance) will usher in a period of love, spirituality, and religious discord; a period where intuitive insights trump scientific and technological thinking.

Within this longer term astrological cycle lie many shorter term cycles.  On March 1, Venus enters the sign of Aquarius.  Venus is the planetary archetype associated with love and relationships. Aquarius is an air sign, which signifies objective thinking.  By combining the definitions of Venus and Aquarius we get some suggestions of how to work with the cosmos to seek a new love or enhance an existing relationship.  Aquarius rules public places and social gatherings; open your mind to going out with friends, getting fixed up, trying new experiences, and even online dating.  When you do meet an eligible candidate seek friendship and communication. This period is particularly opportunistic for single Aquarians, Librans and Geminis.  For married or committed couples, try using the moon as a timing guide.  Cancerians and Leos should look towards the end of the week for good sex; schedule something.


S&P Horoscope: The Astro View-reinflation,euphoria,dreams


Star Man and friends out for the night

Here we are,the culmination of neptune sextile nodesof the moon. This is the cycle that has provided the bullish impetus present in the market since jan 1,2011.Its qualitive nature has been very difficult for market participants both fundamental and technical.By its very nature it defies structure, the rallys have had a dream like quality to them.the cycle reaches culmination at 6 pm on mar 4,so it will be in influence all week providing a floor for sell offs if not a blow off on the upside.

monday(2/28)—- very difficult to determine— the short term forecast contains bearish cycles that culminated over the weekend and the residual bearish energy could still be present . i think it will be weak on but by

tues(3/1)- looks positive till 3pm and then weak

weds(3/2)-bullish cycles resume

and in the background is the bullish long term cycle.

on tues 3/1 i will blog with regard to the short forecasts for thurs and fri(3/3-3/4)

its important to note for the monday (2/28) session the 62% retracement at 1324 and the 50% retracement at 1318 in the sp e-mini


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Astrological Trading - A tool for Success

Mood Swings - jupiter-market optimism-pessimism cycle

HedgeFundLive.com - Well here we are ,win lose or draw——- On 2/25 at 2:51pm jupiter is square pluto, a neg astro cycle.This means that there is an expectation of a declining market.In addition, the 8 day cycle is maximum bearish. The 8day cycle is derived from the moons of Jupiter and it defines optimism-pessimism swings.you never know its just a probability game not a certainty,but over a period of time a portfolio of trades  with this or similar conditions will win.if the sp e-mini lifts overnite  ,I suggest selling retracements and overbought conditions.

a heads up for next week —- the astro view will turn positive



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astro view-2/22-2/25

im writing this on 2/22 at 830 am with the benefit of the overnite and 2/21 activity.the market as measured by the sp e-mini has undergone a 62% retracement from  the 2/10 low to the 2/18 high. this is the significant swing on a 60 min chart. as i write the e-mini has lift a bit off that retracement point.

the cycles on tap this week include 2 longer term periodicities .jupiter sq pluto culminates on fri,2/25 and is negative. on sat 2/26 uranus sq nodes culminates and is also bearish. when these 2 cycles clear we will be left with neptune sextile neptune which is bullish. so the the net result of this complex cyclical picture is to expect a bearish influence to predominate especially towards fri but in the context of a persistent bull move.

the short term daily view is:

tues —-positive-a recovery

weds—-positive in am,negative after 2pm

thurs——- neg

fri—-neg—possibly very neg

4 reasons to use financial astrology

first reason is that is unique and revolutionary, suited to the times we live in.it represents a total committment to”out of the box” thinking.

second reason is that it is for the elite, and it represents the type of person who is successful in the market.

third reason is that it creates a plan when u committ to it it gets u in gear with natural forces.

fourth reason is that it works (within hi but not perfect) probability.this is the most important reason. a value that is required for market success.

see-astro-economics -david williams

astro view—-thurs-2/17

this is very quick preview inorder to support any overnite trading.thurs is the 13th day up from the last significant low.the intraday forecast is generally weak over the course of the day ,especially in the pm after 2 pm. ill go into more detail after we see the overnite trading in my am presentation.ill have fridays(2/18) forecast available at that time

astro view-ive found what ive been looking for

i began my study of astrology in 1975 while a member of the cboe. i developed a long term model which was pretty good(75%).it generated about 6 calls a year with a high rate of accuracy. it was used by a group of specialists for there off the floor accounts.in 1987 the volaility exploded and i began developing a short term model to handle the tactical decisions. on march 18, 1996 i made an accidental mistake with regard to the short term study.when i looked at the result i was amazed.the error i made produced an amazing result.the turning points on an intra-day basis were sharp and objectively clear. i realized that i had accidently found the”mother of all Horoscopes”. let me explain the method,its called a diurnal study. it means of the day. its a technique which allows me to determine micro -cycles melded with long term for 1 day. inorder to use this technique i have to have the starting time and day of an entity like the sp500 or dow to an exact second. its easier to say than do. what has happened is that after years of searching ive located the exact time and birthday of the spy which is the start which throws off the “magic” diurnal.ive have made available the forecasts both tues and weds(2/15-2/16) and theve been very good. hopefully this is no accident. i believe that the enviornment and support that is available at hedgefundlive has been very important to the completion of my project.im very happy to have this for traders,my own trading and our members.

astro view-2/16 preview

i want to put out a view that might be helpful for overnite entrys… although its my opinion that the market was very sluggish today(2/15) at elevated overbought levels an objective examination of weds(2/16) sp forecast suggest continued bullishness. in my am presentation i will explain and visually demonstrate what the term cluster means. please join us