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Sometimes when your building a business you experience something called the “Law of Unintended Consequences”.  Its a pretty  simple concept.  You set out with a certain idea or perception of where your business will be the most successful and somewhere down the road you discover that what you’ve created may work for a segment of the market you never thought of.  In a way that is what has happened to us at Hedge Fund Live.  Jeremy and I set out to create a unique subscription based business that would provide true transparency to the Hedge Fund World.  We initially thought our target audience would range from active day traders to  small Hedge Funds that wanted to be of a community.  Jeremy and I have always believed that the future of trading was going to be that of “collective intelligence” and Hedge Fund Live was going to be at the forefront

  A few months after we started our live broadcast I noticed something very interesting, at least half the questions were from investors who clearly had little to no investing experience.  We started to receive emails thanking us for giving them the ability to learn what Wall Street was all about by virtually sitting on our desk.  I realized right then that we had created a unique “e learning” website.  I started to think about how we could introduce our site to the educational market. 

 A few weeks ago I approached the Director of Cornell’s Financial Engineering Program to tell her about what HFL was all about.  Within 1 hour she told me that this was exactly what a program like hers needed and asked if my partner and I would come speak to her students and show them what the site was all about.  Last Friday Jeremy and I presented HFL to 50 Cornell students and the reception was terrific.  By the next day almost half the students had signed up and we have had a number of comments on our chat room from the newest members of our community.  I have had extensive discussions with Rutgers and Jeremy and I are about to schedule a night in November to speak to about 300 students and introduce HFL.  We’ve had a similar response from Duke.

  Business at times is about flexibility, especially when you’re starting out.  Im now convinced that the educational market is going to be a very important one for us.  My goal now is to get 50 schools on board within 12 months…..

Don’t Take Any Wooden Nickels

But then my movie fades, kind of like a haze, just when you were about to deeply buy into this 40 year old guy and hear about his upcoming battle, the demons he fought back, the family he endeavors to support and protect and the ideals he fights for…. It feels like the kind of haze one experiences after a few too many chardonnays as you await a friend’s arrival at a bar, she is late. You start to stare into space and the whole bar seems to be enveloped in a fog.

I awake again, but I am in another bedroom. This one is more visible, sort of, actually as I wake up and look around its very clear in some spots but the hazy in others, similar to the feeling one would have scanning the room with a telescope, sometimes the landscape is crystal clear and you shift a bit, and then not. Faded wood paneling stained that white grayish color, a carpet of geometric patterns. Can’t quite make it out defiantly a lot of Blue. There is a dog on the floor. German short hair pointer. Very clear, crystal. Not crystal clear, the dogs name was Crystal. Loved that dog. Oddly enough as I stare at the clock it looks like a very familiar white cube. Bookcases, lots of Judaic studies books, huge books, 18 inches high, 28 inches wide when opened, 3 inches thick when closed. Tons of books, filling dozens of shelves. Gifts from family, friends, synagogue or temple. Two to three hundred books. Many were given on the day my movie production was green lit. Bar mitzvah or coming of age books. Bibles, Prophets, Judaic law books, the Talmud and all the logic, wisdom and epic stories they held. My movie’s director and producer must have said, “here are the scripts the “how to” on production casting and stunts, theatre 101, acting for dummies, special effects for dummies (very helpful), comedies, action and quite a bit of depressing tragedy. “Go fourth, read them, and you shall understand your movie” I didn’t do much of the reading, I got a bit distracted. I am sure my teen age stage of the movie did not turn out quite like my director had hoped. The bookshelves fade. I am up like a robot. Don’t think much. Or at least I don’t think I am thinking as I make my way to the bathroom. I’m thirteen. I don’t hear the bell go off yet but I am methodical in my morning routine, preparing for the battles I do not understand but I know are coming. I have been told they are coming. I have been in training to face them since as far back as I can remember. He was constantly preparing me. I am told from as far back as my mother’s womb, he would whisper to me. “Its really hard out here kid, get ready and toughen up”, and other sage advice such as “Don’t take any wooden nickels”. I was born in 1968, he was 25. He must have been through a great deal of difficult times, or at least be a pretty intense guy, to be warning his unborn son of the perils that might await him rather than sing a lullaby. I never did see a wooden nickel, but it was some of the most useful advice he ever did give me.

President Obama is Wrong

Some 20 years ago or so, Mike Darcy from Human Resources once told me something I remembered the remainder of my corporate career…  “The boss might not always be right…  But he is always the boss.”  It is probably just a pet peeve of mine, but I think that as the political season heats up, it is constructive to try to maintain some similar perspective on the President of the United States.

 As the enthusiasm, leading into November 2nd, gives rise to strong opinions of support or opposition to one party or another, we need to respect one another and the institutions that belong to us, the American people.  Regardless of how one feels about a particular president, it is always important to me to remember to respect the Office.  I may not agree with the President’s policies or politics, but I always remember to respect the office that we have entrusted to him or her for temporary stewardship.

 So, whether it is Bush, or Obama, Reagan or Clinton, or whomever; it is important to me to reference him as President Obama, rather than the overly familiar “Obama.”  After all, he may not always be right, but he is always the President.