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weekahead4/18-4/21 —  Im writing this on the close of 4/18 as opposed to the usual sunday evening.Monday(4/18) was very wild  precipitated by a sp corp downgrade of the us paper.there is a dearth of cyclical activity this week.Im going to present the week ahead using the diurnal daily forecasts.

mon(after the fact) was neg in the am and positive in the pmbeginning 1220 pm.

tues-weak in the am beginning at 9am-10am,positive in the pm at 12 pm thru 130 pm

weds-very positive all day

thurs-neg at 8am ,pos at 1020 am  till 2pm when forecast turns neg



Hedgefundlive-I didnt do my usual week ahead on sunday evening to technical factors.My poor little notebook is showing signs of wear and tear and i devoted attention to another twist of the diurnals.The market just gets more and more complex as time marches on requiring getting the most out of the cyclical studies. At this time it appears that there is an improvement.As far as my laptop its in intensive care and the issue is in doubt.



a bit conflicted-Astroview i look at a daily chart the picture looks a bit ominous, especially in the face of all the bullish conversation here at hedgefundlive. And my indicators are not set up to attack from the short side at least not yet. Daily stochastics are overbought and rolling over.The bollenger bands are  up around 1343 .one strong rally day could reach them.The problem i have is that the short term cyclical studies are not lining up in support of the long term astrological cycles and the daily technical picture. Possibly next week?

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Research and Neptune in pisces-Astroview —  Today is the beginning of a new 14 year cycle-neptunes ingress (entrance) into the sign of pisces.Im going to do a blog about the cultural and personal ramifications of this event later in the week.Its of sufficient importance for me to do some research . What im doing very specifically is working feverishly to complete the research and development project that has consumed me. Im optimizing the birth data for the Nasdaq 100 index.when thats done i will have completed this process for all the major indexes(sp500,Dow, and Russell).im hoping that then i will be able to isolate the cyclical factors that are present for sharp ,hi amplitude moves. The other factors such as trend,overbought-oversold will still be part of the mix .

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Elements of a Trading Model- Astroview — There are a variety of ways to express how to organize a trading model. One way is to use indicators either robotically or intuitively and formulate a strategic view or a setup. Then on a shorter term time frame a trigger, something specific that causes a trader to act.Another way is to divide the process into-Entry, trade mgt and exit. For each of these parts there is a normal volatilty and a high volatility decision process. Another distinction which alters the process is strongly trending, normal trending or ranging type of markets. lets use the following charts(time frames)daily,60 min, and a 3 min for a trigger. This blog is being written out of a conversation with 1 of the members of the chat members. Fri,after the close i will go thru this model after the fact. at 830 am i will go thru the 3 time frames and create a plan.

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week ahead-astroview -  On thurs, 3/24 saturn was 135 degrees neptune,on 3/30 jupiter is 180 degrees saturn,these are bearish cycles.In addition the bulk of the shorter term cycles are bearish thru out the week. These cycles suggest that selling overbought condition and or resistance is the favorable course of action 3/28-4/1.

The short term diurnals give very little information as far as a high or low for the week—

mon looks weak in the am and a noon sell

tues looks like a recovery day

Because of the quarter i cannot do 3/30-4/1 yet

a technical note 1314.50 is a 76% of the last swing.The resistance as of now.


Szygy-astro view-3/16—So i obviously have made a decision that the symbolic language of astrology has pragmatic value but i want to give our members and traders a heads up from an astro-physics point of view.Given that our attention is on events in japan which stem from a tsunami and a 9.2 earthquake i think its important for everyone to know that more events are rapidly approaching which have major gravitational effects on our planet.On 3/19 there is a full moon which is historic in gravitational effects. The full moon is occurring at a perigee(closest to earth) and very close to the suns ingress in aries(spring). These 3 events serve as multipliers regarding there physical effect on the earth.In addition there are major planetary relationships forming which also participate in the energy and gravitational fields.IN OTHER WORDS THERE ARE VERY FEW HISTORICAL EXPIERIENCES AVAILABLE TO STUDY.

Astrology would consider the planetary cycles forming next week as bearish

tsunami-astro view

hedge fund—-I  HAve been doing a day forecast the past few weeks using the diurnals ive blogged about.Im going to resume that on tues ,3,15.

My laptop has been affected by the same cosmic conditions that have produced the japan earthquake,mid-east revolutions and and the thurs mkt decline. So im going to be general for now,the market direction i expect is up ,fueled by short term cycles and the oversold conditions created last week.This is a very dangerous  view in the face of coming cosmic events.if the short term view is going to fail its now . The following events are potential game changers—-

full moon on 3/19

spring-aries ingress on 3/21

andthere are 4 long term bearish cycles 3/24-3/30


Diurnals, Day Trading - Astro View — In 1985 i began a research project which i essentially just completed on sunday, march3,2011. i was involved in a trading business with a consortium of the up-stairs trading operation of a number of NYSE specialists firms. They took longer term positions based on a model that i had developed.The model was built around astro cycles of a long term nature and conventional technical analysis.a very complete study of sentiment-psychological indicators was a very important part of the process.Unfortunately these sentiment indicators are no longer functional,it seems that they have been overemployed.For a variety of reasons i began work on a short -term astrological forecast to handle the vagaries of intra-day trading. The method i employed was called “a diurnal” meaning of the day.In order to implement this method it requires an exact birthday , day,place and exact time of day to a second.Precise is a requirement and its not as easy as you  might think. what i have are exact starting times of theDOW and the Sp500 ,im optimizing the NASDAQ 100 today. When i plot and add together the cycles from the sp and dow ,the result seems to be a forecast on a daily basis which is extremely accurrate. My initial observation is that the Nasdaq study also contributes.Beginning weds,3,10,2011 i will post the diurnal forecast (before the fact).

Love, Sex, and Money - What Does Your Zodiac Tell You?

Neptune Enters Pisces

HedgeFundLIVE — In astrology there is a direct relationship between the stock market, love and money.  For example, if you feel good about yourself and believe that you deserve love and intimacy it supports drawing money towards you.

Venus + Acquarius = Sex & Money

Conversely, making money supports a feeling of well being in order to attract love.  On April 4, 2011 an important macro cosmic event takes place; Neptune is entering the sign of Pisces, ending the 14 year cycle of Neptune in Aquarius. The Neptune ingress (entrance) will usher in a period of love, spirituality, and religious discord; a period where intuitive insights trump scientific and technological thinking.

Within this longer term astrological cycle lie many shorter term cycles.  On March 1, Venus enters the sign of Aquarius.  Venus is the planetary archetype associated with love and relationships. Aquarius is an air sign, which signifies objective thinking.  By combining the definitions of Venus and Aquarius we get some suggestions of how to work with the cosmos to seek a new love or enhance an existing relationship.  Aquarius rules public places and social gatherings; open your mind to going out with friends, getting fixed up, trying new experiences, and even online dating.  When you do meet an eligible candidate seek friendship and communication. This period is particularly opportunistic for single Aquarians, Librans and Geminis.  For married or committed couples, try using the moon as a timing guide.  Cancerians and Leos should look towards the end of the week for good sex; schedule something.