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Kascey F.


The Mosaic Company is a Delaware corporation that was incorporated in January 2004. The Company is a producer and marketer of concentrated phosphate and potash crop nutrients for the global agriculture industry. Through its broad product offering, it is a single source supplier of phosphate- and potash-based crop nutrients and animal feed ingredients. It serves customers in more than 40 countries… Earlier in the year, Jeffrey Tynik traded this company and felt after that he should have made some other choices while executing.

Check out this MOS Socratic Trade Review made by Hedge Fund LIVE Trader Jeffrey Tynik, and learn how he handled a trade in M

OS over 12 months ago.


Starman’s Synopsis

The man, the myth, the legend — Jack Shuman. He brings a different aspect to our company that many companies are missing. He matches astrological signs and planets in the sky to correlate volatility and changes in the market. As a believer in horoscopes, I gave Jack a chance with his market predictions and now live by his advice. This morning, he introduced his price matrix and trading a hyperbole. Be sure to check him out!!


Tynik’s Two Cents

Jeffrey Tynik, on and off the trading desk, always gives his opinion on what is going on. In his daily morning broadcast, Jeff gives insight on the latest technological news in the market. Lots of major action stems from this type of information and can make you lots of money. This morning, Jeff looks for strength in TSM as AAPL touches ties with Samsung. If you want up to date information about technology; make sure you check out this Vlog each morning.


Zach Attack

When I think of trading I think of executing  a plan and not letting my emotions take control. With Zach’s, Daily BluePrint, I get an outline of great information and guidelines to keep me focused. This morning, Zach discussed his decision to take an overnight trade and the effectiveness of a”round trip” trade.  In the media section, all of Zach’s and the rest of our crew have their morning meetings available for viewing.


Jeremy Covers the Wall Street Journal

Ever been intimidated to dive into the endless amounts of information available daily from the Wall Street Journal? Well, I know I have, so Jeremy’s coverage breaks it down for me and gives me the most important information to take in. Be sure to review this Vlog to help your trading experience for the market day.


DM in the AM 2.15.11

Every morning Dean reports the latest international and domestic financial news  during DM in the AM. He gives insight on how the news can effect the market day while entertaining with his comedic jokes and playful ways. This morning, Dean spoke specifically about Chinese CPI and how it reflects a change in the basket. Make sure to check it out!


Lady Gaga…

With the release of Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” album earlier this week, there is only one way to interpret how she was born from this Grammy entrance…Crazy. In this picture, you can see how ridiculous this woman is at trying to make a statement and show her devotion to music. Many like to take risks with their different lifestyles which is common between the financial world and here, in the entertainment business. In every world you hope the outcome outweighs the risk and that you gain success.

Ya boiiiii

Come check out my first camtasia.. yes I realize I am akward, I was nervous.. let me know what you think

rising commodity prices and its effects

Is technology getting too creepy?

Everyone loves the new additions and progression of technology that has happened over the last couple years. Facebook, twitter, BBM, all of Apple’s new gadgets, etc only to name a few. With me, I wasn’t too excited for the Blackberry, it was only a year ago that I jumped on the Blackberry bandwagon but now I’m addicted. I love the BBM app where my friends and I constantly IM each other back and forth and can see if the message was read or delivered. At first I thought of it as a confirmation that the message was delivered but then I started to question, wait why isn’t she answering.. she just read the message. That’s where the creepiness/ stalkerish part I am talking about comes into play.

Now, there is Ichat and for PC users Skype. It’s the most convenient application to talk and see your friends or family that may be over seas or in another state. Going to school in Florida, I definitely took advantage of it. But now, there is the app on iPhones or Itouch’s called “FaceTime”. This takes stalkerish to a new level. Wherever you are, you can click start and video chat with any other FaceTime user. It can be convienent, for example, you can show your facetimer where your sitting at a concert or game; or creepy. Let’s say your boyfriend doesn’t believe where you are, he can just FaceTime you and get the actual answer.

Get you that Iphone4, FaceTime

This advancement of technology, I feel, is taking the actual interaction with people out of the equation. There have been studies done that show teenagers and college students are so involved with their laptop and technology they forget how to interact with people in person. Even the Catholic church is following the trend by allowing confessions via IPhone. Kind of absurd…

Today with the release of the IPhone for Verizon many are switching over for the better service and overly simplified phone. Apple expects to sell one million more in this quarter and it is going to be interesting to see how this effects other technology companies. Even rappers like Fabolous are talking about the IPhone. Yesterday, HP unvelied their palm based, pre3 which will compete with the IPad while Lenovo has talks about coming out with the LePhone and LePad. Let’s see how this all unfolds..

Scaaandulous KK

Many big name companies use celebrities as a way to gain popularity in the market. E*Trade caused a lot of controversy last year when the signature talking baby mentioned “Lindsay” which most referenced to Lindsay Lohan. After watching the Super Bowl, the commercial most are talking about incorporates both a celebrity and sex. Kim Kardashian, 2010′s most searched name on Bing “broke up” with her trainer because she has Skechers shape ups to work her out. When I think of Skechers I think clumsy, lame shoes that I would never wear to go work out. It’s smart they started to use Kim Kardashian to represent their shoes so they can revamp their image; I’ve definitely seen a lot more of Skechers since the Kardashian’s started wearing them to the gym and around town. I predict Skechers is going to make a turn around and regain popularity..