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Commodity Wrap Up

Wild ride in the commodity markets again this week.  Semms like every day traders are trying to figure out if Gold is a flight to quality, or a new asset class. Gold finishes about $11 lower on the week. Silver has taken on a life of its own. A $1.oo move used to take a year, now its a daily event. Trading ranged  from a dollar lower to 1.35 higher and settles the week near the highs 1.20 higher.  Grains all retreated from recent highs. Cotton pulls back for the week after daily reports of India opening up curbs, then not opening curbs.  Goes from limit up Thurs to limit down Friday.  Sugar also routinely having 100 point daily ranges.  After lots of movement it finishes a few ticks lower on the week.  Volatility is back in a big way and traders probably need to cut down size and increase stop size or risk being chopped up and stopped out all day long.  Big game season opens in the Catskills this weekend. Good luck to all.


Cotton limit up yet again today with an extended limit of 5 cents. At the same time Australia (fourth largest exporter) is forecasting record production.