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Kate S. - CEF

More about Me

To spice up my blog a bit, I will add a few more details about myself.

I love gambling…I play blackjack, and in learning craps and poker.  I’ve been to Vegas twice and am going again for New Years this year.  I’m not sure by how much, but I am up probably a few thousand playing blackjack over the course of my gambling career (I don’t play with a ton of money, so I would say this is pretty good).

I also play golf and tennis, and am currently assistant coaching for the Cornell Varsity Volleyball team.

I’m from St. Louis, MO (or the dirty South)…home of Nelly and the Arch!

I enjoy reading Ayn Rand, and could be described as quasi-liberatarian.

I enjoy learning about quant trading strategies, but also like doing fundamental analysis.  I really like more macro perspectives, which is why I think basic materials will be a good sector for me, as commodities seem to be very affected by macro moves.

In the future, I hope to be working in S&T in New York City.

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Kate S Intro

Hi all,

My name is Kate and I am part of CEF at Cornell University.  I am currently studying towards a Masters in Financial Engineering and completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Connecticut, where I was recruited to play Division I Volleyball. 

I am part of the Basic Materials Sector and we are gearing up to pitch a hard commodity stock play next week after the Thanksgiving Break.  I am super excited about the opportunity to be part of this group!