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2011, Year of the Bull?

2011 - Year of the Mad Bull? by Areade Dare

Attention Yoga Nation, one of your own has gone rogue.

“I’m pretty sure the baby didn’t envision this after 9 months in the womb.”

Merry Christmas!!!

A message from the man himself

Hopefully you get something you ACTUALLY want. Just talking from experience.

I’m looking at you Aunt Jenny…..  Cheap.

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chewbacca by Areade Dare


Do You Really Need All That?

Copper Hoarding by Areade Dare

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Kandace Mitchell by Areade Dare

Kandace Mitchell.

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Jango Fett by Areade Dare

Jango Fett

High Frequency Traders by Areade Dare

New breed of High Frequency Traders.

Sports Weekend.

Premiership matches, NBA games, NFL games, College Bowl games, it’s gonna be a fun weekend.

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DJ IronMan by Areade Dare

DJ Iron Man

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Jack Shuman by Areade Dare

Jack Shuman aka Star man.


1. Raising kids is the ultimate risk.

2. I’ve been fired from every financial firm on the street. Goldman, Lehman, Oppenheimer. Robert Lehman fired me personally.

3. Prayer is part of the system.

4. My Bar mitzvah teacher paid my parents so that I wouldn’t have to take lessons.

5. At Colgate I studied Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll.

6. The Nasdaq is trying, trying, its like my grandfather before the end.

7. I don’t even know what I just said.