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Barack Obama vs. Donald Trump….The Showdown begins…

HedgeFundLIVE — If 30 is really the new 20, could Trump really become the new Obama?

Trump vs. Obama?.... HedgeFundLIVE.com is taking bets on who will win the 2012 Presidential Election.

According to an interview between George Stephanopoulos and the well known billionaire, Donald Trump seems to be interested in running for presidency in the 2012 election. He, however, has not made a final decision yet, and says he will not do so until June 2011. If he does decide to run, he has made it clear that he will be running as a republican president. This may not be such a bad look for this wealthy CEO, real-estate developer, socialite, author and celebrity TV personality.

Son of Fred Trump, a real-estate developer and self-made millionaire, Donald was heavily influenced by his father’s success and leadership skills from a very young age. His brief flirtation with the idea of going to film school before deciding to go to school for business might have been the underlying reason for starting his show “The Apprentice” on CNBC.

And although this mogul is known for his hard-work, extravagant lifestyle, celebrity status, and business sense (both nationally and internationally), he is no fool to the political world. He has already thought about ideas and actions he’d make, if elected, in order to boost the current U.S. economic situation.

According to him, China laughs at us (Americans) and thinks we are fools. The products we used to make here in America are now being created there in China, allowing them to manipulate the currency, which ultimately makes it very hard for us to compete against them.

Trump’s solution would be to tax China. According to him, “we have the cards, because we’re the one’s spending all of our money in China.” It doesn’t matter that they are our bankers, because “bankers don’t have the cards.”

He has launched a website and is now drafting supporters in Iowa and New Hampshire at www.Shouldtrumprun.com. Will he be able to provide the change we’ve been looking for?


10 Crazy Fidel Castro Moments (Nuclear Missles, Mini Cows and Abolish Money)

HedgeFundLive- As he is an expiring “Player” on the world scene and Hedge Fund Live is committed to keeping you informed of “Players” comings and goings, here is a quick Fidel Castro update. The Wall Street Journal says that he has had a number of epiphanies. He has recently commented that Nuclear Missiles are a bad thing. He apparently would like to see the use of money obsolete on the island of Cuba. Rumor also has it that he hopes to sell coffee machines with an added bonus of genetically bred miniature cows so you can squeeze a mini utter in your kitchen for milk. Yes it may seem that he has lost his mind. But in truth these are just recent examples of his usual antics. He has had a number of embarrassing moments over the years, which were clear signs of a dictator gone mad. Here are candid photos of him in 10 of compromising positions.  Match the photos to the correct text description.  Responses posted at the bottom of this blog.




2. Fidel has a passion for cross dressing and makeup





9. Fidel trys to get Steve Jobs’s attention, wants to do Apple commercials






4. Fidel is too stoned and hung over to face the crowd






10. Castro caught flipping the bird at Condoleezza






3. Fidel reveals he wears tighty whities, says boxers dont hold it together for him






1. Fidel breaks wind and pisses off Hugo Chavez






7. Fidel shows off his new pecs






5. Fidel failing to strike fear in the hearts of his fellow Cubans, hopes a Batman stuntman might help his image






8. Fidel Caught at Scores, he was told, “no touching”, the manager said




6. Fidel loves the Austin Powers movies- he has photoshop posters in his villa




Responses: a-10 (Castro caught flipping the bird at Condoleezza); b-8 (Fidel caught at Scores, he was told, no touching the manager said); c-7 (Fidel shows off his new pecs); d-9 (Fidel trys to get Steve Jobs’s attention, wants to do Apple commercials); e-5 (Fidel failing to strike fear in the hearts of his fellow Cubans, hopes a Batman stuntman might help his image); f-4 (Fidel is too stoned and hung over to face the crowd); g-3 (Fidel reveals he wears tighty whities, says boxers dont hold it together for him); h-6 (Fidel loves the Austin Powers movies- he has photoshop posters in his villa); i- 2 (Fidel has a passion for cross dressing and makeup); j-1 (Fidel breaks wind and pisses off Hugo Chavez)

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Thursday Market Expectations- People of Egypt, Hedge Fund Live Stands Behind You, Down with Mubarak

Mubarak is pissed off, F**k him

Yesterday was a bit more volatile then the indexes indicated with names like LVS , and AKAM, swinging 3 -5% high to low. This was common for many of the names I trade. The S&P traded in such a tight range that it sliced in half today’s pivot point range for the S&P, that I watch for determining overall market direction. A break below S4, which is 1255.75 on the futures, signals deterioration. I expect this to occur later in the day, but I would not be a buyer even if it appears that this level is holding. Initial jobless claims came out at 8:30, I am not that impressed. 415,000 is still moving in the right direction, but we will need that number to drop further if we are to take another leg up in the market, I do believe that we will see much better employment number as we get closer to the spring. On the Egyptian front, I am as excited by the movement toward real democracy as I am concerned that things will get worse before they get better. It will spread beyond the Egyptian borders. As European leaders spoke up demanding immediate regime change, our government remains strangely quiet. I am further embarrassed by my vote for Obama. He continues to show a lack of real leadership skills. It was easy for him to attack Wall Street but seems more difficult for him to take a stand against a totalitarian regime that often brutally oppresses its people. At least tell the world that turning off a countries Internet access in ludicrous. Or perhaps this is something Obama wants to reserve the right to do to us. Maybe he has a switch that just turns off Internet for Wall Street. Any way, back to my expectations for today. I expect a continuing negative trend, acceleration toward the end of the day. I expect a more substantial sell off tomorrow. Our firm is short 14 million in value against a long value of 6.8 million. Best to stay off the trading keys and more time on research and business today.

Egypt’s craziness

Some people say the world is ending in 2012.. and I’m starting to get concerned that it’s coming true. With this craziness in Egypt, Australia, and other parts of the world hopefully it won’t slowly head towards the US. To start, banks were and are still closed. Horrible timing for workers, since this is the last two weeks of the month which is when most workers get paid. With no money, civilians can not afford food which is adding an edge of desperation to the protest. Even though some are losing a meal a day, any are saying they’d, “rather live hungry than die in fear.” American and international companies, like Coca-Cola, General Motors and German owned Volkswagen are closing plants and pulling workers out of Egypt.

Between curfews, checkpoints of armed civilians and fears of looting, transportation has emerged as a major problem. Many distributors of major companies are not letting their trucks nationwide on the road. As I watch CNBC, many importers in the Suez Canal are avoiding Egyptian ports at all costs. Tourists are flying away leading the capital to fly away as well. With that said, the stock market’s been down 17% since Jan 24.

As of last night, there has been a start to a more peaceful protest. The six day old uprising has entered a new stage when an Egyptian uniformed spokesperson declared on government television it will not use force on protesters. Meanwhile one of Mubarak’s trusted adviser offered to talk with opposition. Because of those statements and the weakened economy, Mubarak’s tightened grip over the country is slowly loosening.

Many Americans take freedom for granted.  Free elections, is the main demand Egyptians want with the departure of Mubarak. Facebook, a social networking site where opinions are stated, had a big part of this protest in Egypt. Young political organizations called on the network for a day of protest which was inspired by an outlash of other Arabs in Tunisia. The thought that what you say can be censored by the government is un-imaginable to any one in the US so it is positive to see civilians in Egypt are finally taking a stand to get Mubarak out of their country’s government, let’s just hope it stays as peaceful as possible.

Monday Market Expectations, How to trade an Egyptian crisis and the M.A.S.S. Minimizing of America’s Superpower Status

Egyptian Stock Market - "The looters took our flat screens!!!!!!"

As we move closer to the end of the weekend, my expectations of tomorrows’ trading activity begins to form. As always, it is more of an intellectual exercise that helps keeps my Socratic Trading Mind sharp. In addition it helps me prepare to contribute to the collective thought process on the HedgeFundLive.com trading desk, we have over 20 million dollars of open positions. But I believe we are well structured for the day ahead. Egypt is still a mess. I am optimistic that we are seeing the end of a totalitarian regime, and the beginning of real Middle East democracy, but this will take some time to sort out and puts the market at risk to exogenous shocks. Example would be a significantly more lethal response by a sill Mubarak controlled Military on its people; call it Egypt’s Tiananmen Square. Example would be Hammas thinking this is a good time to attack Israel; they are always so impeccable with their timing, or perhaps our Foreign Affairs novice President continues to remain basically silent on what is one of the most seminal events of democratic evolution. The same democracy we are spending billions on in Iraq and Afghanistan. his continuing silence is an affirmation of what I call the ongoing

Egyptian Trading - The Stock Market Before

M.A.S.S. Minimizing of America’s Superpower Status. None of this would breed confidence in a market that has only recently gained its footing from the realization that much of Europe is theoretically bankrupt. There will be much grief in the coming weeks, as innocent people will suffer for macro change. As Mohandas Gandhi said “What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans, and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty or democracy?”

Barring an immediate positive change in Egypt, we should sell off a little more into month end and then remain range bound for a while. The Market loathes a vacuum of information. Even peaceful resolutions in Egypt, will still not satisfy the market. It is my opinion that this event is just the beginning. Similar to the Civil Right Movement, where Martin Luther King began a revolution that is still being fought every day in this country. Democracy will spread in the Middle East. Syria and Jordan are truly at risk. Saudi Arabia seems to be the chosen destination for retiring kings. In many ways Iran is probably the next most logical Hot Spot. If this is not such a seminal moment, why are the Chinese censoring searches on Egypt on their Internet? I think the range bound trading will keep us under 1300 on the S&P cash until we get another set of positive economic indicators from our own government. This should happen in approximately 3 – 5 weeks, a reasonable time frame to expect some progress in the Middle East.

Egyptian Trading - The Stock Market - AFTER

I will look for a strong dash through the 1300 level on the S&P Resistance will become support for what should be a strong year in the markets. Until then “Trade the Day you are given”. As Patanjali teaches us, “Stay present”. That said I am quite optimistic on the NASDQ and particular the Technology spaces as well as Home Builders and Biotech. I will continue to focus on those names to the upside. I will look for Take Over speculation names. I will be spending a great deal of time analyzing options strategies, as volatility will definitely be seeping into the market. Finally I will be looking to buy names that I ultimately believe will benefit the most from a changing landscape in Egypt. I will be shorting the DIA as a hedge, more than the S&P. Buying S&P puts is becoming a favorite hedge for me. I am not particularly optimistic on the Banks at this point and see them as perhaps dead money, though there are a number of regional banks I like. Mostly I will look to short high Flyer non-tech names such as RCL, in fact I might look to short the whole cruise line space. I really don’t like cruises. Commodities may be interesting to trade intraday volatility, but I will be staying away from overnighting them. We are living through monumental times. DON’T FORGET THAT!!  And trade like you understand it.


Stocks To Watch Tuesday - No Drinking, No Red Meat and No Ego

Range Bound Trading - Lets all relax for a few days

The Hedge Fund Live Collective intelligence has been on a roll. Up over $200,000 in the first 2 weeks of the year, we are in a zone. The market continues to move up, irrespective of the fact that so many believe it should pull in, or perhaps specifically because of that. As I have already stated in my year-end market prediction from my last blog, I will try to stick to the near term. What happens on Tuesday? I expect a shaky open. Within the first couple of hours we should see a 5 – 10 point sell off. Think of it as a “Relief Sell Off”, it exist simply to satisfy our need to know that we still can sell off. Perhaps it lasts the day. If it does, than I expect a number of failed rallies through out the day. Sometime over the first 2 days of the week we will have the first of what will be a series of upward tests at the 1300 level on the S&P. Getting confirmation of a sustainable rally above the 1300 level will take some time, and it should. This should set up for a few weeks of healthy range bound trading.

Tuesday though, marks a new chapter of my personal journey. I begin Yoga teacher certification training on Tuesday. I expect 3 of the most intense months ahead of me. I will spend every free moment with my family; otherwise I will be at the office or in the yoga studio. Good thing HedgeFundLive and the Yoga studio are the only two businesses in the building. I will arrive at the office at 7:30 am. Meditation till 7:50 am. Business and trading till 6:10pm. Tuesday night Yoga certification training 6:10pm to 10pm. every other night, regular scheduled class, 6:10pm to 7:30pm. Put in another hour of work wrapping up the business day. Home to see the family 8:30pm till my body gives out. The weekends will bring little relief. Actually every other weekend will bring the needed sanctuary, as I will be able to spend them with my wife and kids. The other weekends will be spent training. Sat 7am to 5pm. Sun 7am to 12pm. Sun 12pm to 5pm catch up on work. Sunday 5pm to Monday 6am catch up on sleep.

Traders start at a very early age

There are a number of other interesting twists to this journey. NO ALCHOHOL. Yes, you read it correctly. I will be dry for 3 months. I have always considered myself a functional alcoholic; I am concerned about being a dysfunctional non-alcoholic. I do not believe I have gone more than a week since junior year of college, without a drink. Maybe even 3 days, but I am concerned that this might turn off potential investors in the firm, so for now we will stick to a “week”. I am not even sure what I will be like sober for 3 months. I am not even sure how my Meds will work if I am not washing them down with a Cabernet, Jack Daniels, or a glass of Port. I once heard an MD at a major Wall Street firm tell me, “If drinking is interfering with your work, you’re probably a heavy drinker.  If work is interfering with your drinking, you’re probably an alcoholic.” I have always seen a bit of brilliance in this advice.

Next, NO RED MEAT. Yes, you read that correctly as well. I come from a long line of carnivores. I do not believe I have gone more

Traders start on meat at a very young age

that a week without a steak, veal chop or burger since I was a Bar-Mitzvah boy. If you include Cholent (a traditional meat stew:Jewish Tradition), it may even be 3 days at max……. Leo Tolstoy said “A man can live and be healthy without killing animals for food; therefore, if he eats meat, he participates in taking animal life merely for the sake of his appetite.” I was always under the impression that red meat was an essential ingredient for life sustenance. As the prolific modern day philosopher John Cleese has said, “If God did not intend for us to eat animals, then why did he make them out of meat?” No red meat will be quite the enlightening experience for me. There are a number of other major “NO NOs”, but lets jump right to the most interesting one for those who know me well.

NO EGO. Yes, that’s what I said, “No ego”. This is the one I am truly intrigued by. I was born with my ego. I can assure you I have not gone one hour, let alone a full day, without my good pal “Ego” helping me make daily decisions. I am now expected to say goodbye to my friend of 42 years. Go it alone, leaving “Ego” to fend for himself without

Trader's are born with their egos

my mind and body to carry out his every wish and desire. And I am expected to embrace my “Self”, to see beyond my perceived limitations. John Bradshaw, the acclaimed motivational speaker, said, “The Ego is to the true self what a flashlight is to a spotlight.”

This Tuesday will begin what will be an enlightened extreme experience. Expect enlightened blogs and enlightened trading. Stay tuned.

Market Predictions, New Years Resolutions and The Year that was 2010…….All Employees Must Wash Hands and Read This Blog

Saad - Vintage 2010 "He is our future at Hedge Fund Live"

This will be a long year. Barring an extreme exogenous event such as a major terrorist act or an all out collapse of the European union, I expect the market to end strongly this year. I expect it to be a slow steady grind all year as opposed to a gappy volatile run. I also expect a number of records to be broken, such as most consecutive days in a row up on the S&P. As such I expect to

New Years Resolution - Spend More Time With Saad

see a near 1400 close on the cash. Let me be specific about the European Union. A difficult restructuring of sovereign debt, even a loss to some senior lenders, even a bailout of Spain does not fall into exogenous events. In-fact these events are expected. The open issue, is how orderly the Union deals with the problems.

That said, the art of investing, the sport of trading and the millions of athletes that run the race, have just finished a strong season. It is time to rest a bit. Warm up, practice, and take a few lay up games. Reassess the competition and the ever-evolving landscape of the sport. While I believe the market moves higher over the first quarter, I expect it to be a modest 3% - 6%. It may seem odd to refer to this as modest, but the times they are a changing.

I am looking forward to a consistent trading environment with ample opportunity for singles and doubles and an occasional triple. The time for home runs is behind us for now. Low concentration and high diversification. 2X to 3X leverage on any extreme move.

Saad and I make new friends

On the long side of the market I am looking for 2 types of names. Names that have been beaten up in the past 6 months due to earnings, margins and business or consumer related issues. BBY, CSCO, Bank Names, YHOO, GNW, THOR to name a few. I still believe that the fundamentals of these types of companies remain intact, and that an improving economy and a grind higher market will give you the biggest bang for your buck in these names. Secondly, I will be looking for LBO related names and Merger and Acquisitions plays. Names that should be taken out, names whose independent business models can be taken no further but can be absorbed into a broader infrastructure that can reshape the companies direction. SVU, IMAX, PLCE, STX, AONE, GAIA, TTWO, GME.

On the Short side I will be looking for names that have been on a tear, where expectation far exceed the reality of the trading levels. I will be looking to sell bubbles and high short interest names. Names trading near 52-week highs that I believe fast money will shift out of. CLF, LULU, XOM, QCOM, KSS   etc etc etc.

As I said in my previous blog, my plan is to take trading and things in general day by day for the next couple of months. Life, day by day. We have had a strong opening performance for the firm MTD, up over $150,000. The chemistry on the desk is evolving, and while it has taken a year to get here, the progress over the last month has been remarkable. Caroline remains my trusted right hand. Jeff Tynik and Zach Guterman, have truly come into their own as traders. They will have long productive careers ahead of them. Betty Lee has transcended both trading and business and is an integral part of the Business execution plan. The return of Mark Moskowitz, and addition of Jach Shuman have substantially added to the collective intelligence. Saad and Judah have built a foundation for our business and have proven to be

Saad wears a special brain cover when programming

one of the most unique pairings in entrepreneurial history. Kandace and Lamont have allowed me to see through my vision of merging media with a trading desk. They have added a touch of class to a previously raw process. Dean’s consistency and discipline anchor us all. His wisdom and broad perspective help us stay grounded and true to our discipline. Marc Schwartz’s trading prowess and leadership are cornerstones of our profitability. His grounding and calmness under volatile and difficult trading and business environments help us control losses and maximize gains. My intention is to add 2 to 3 more individuals to the collective, as well as fully fund 5 – 10 university desks and integrate their perspectives as well into the broader collective.

As we enter year 2, I am left with a number of business thoughts.

Without vision there is no business.

A business begins with an idea, but the vision takes time to come in to focus.

It needs experience to grow.

It needs failure to have clarity.

It needs success to have direction and focus.

My vision for the business while broadly consistent still changes on a daily basis. Each challenge causes reflection and reevaluation. I see a merger of media and finance, an intense website and an intense trading desk, transparency and real time investing, real time education and real time experience, and collective intelligence imbedded in a proprietary trading environment. Collective intelligence that is exposed to and thus strengthened by the website’s membership community.

Saad is making the mustache cool for kids of all ages

The first year has had many setbacks and expensive mistakes. I would not change a thing. All has been as it should have been. While at this nascent stage I am approaching the business day by day, I am significantly more confident with the future. I look forward to the challenges that are ahead of me.

Presenting… Thanksgiving for Traders

A Hillside Trading and HedgeFundLIVE.com production…

What do HedgeFundLIVE.com traders do on Thanksgiving?? Click PLAY to find out.

Funeral for a day trader

It’s the Big Chill movie for traders. The house is packed with all the
kings of the prop world. The Shoney boys are in full force, sitting
alongside them are traders from Generic, First New York, Broadway,
Andover, Hold, Bright, and all the newbies are in the standing room only
section in the back. They paved paradise and put up a parking lot and
American Pie is the background music. Its not your traditional funeral
home there are no flowers. Its just a freezing cold room somewhere in
Jersey City with black cages and endless servers. Today’s eulogy is not
for any one trader rather this funeral procession is for the death of an
occupation that fed many people and now leaves them middle aged, out of
work, and untrained for any future careers.

Is the era of the day trader over?

Is the death of Hedge funds next?

What were the warning signs?

Will there be a second coming?

Man versus machine and the age of singularity?

What is Hedge Fund Lives’ role in all of this?

Over the next few weeks I will be blogging about this topic. Feel free
to chime in and share your thoughts

Top 10 reasons we joined the Hedge Fund Live community

And the #1 reason for joining the Hedge Fund Live community is Jeremy Frommer threatened to date my sister if i DIDN’T join…..