Kyle B - Prospect

Trading Prospect

Before sitting on the trading desk, I understood that hedge fund operations were complex.  Before long, it became apparent I would learn more training in a few months then I did throughout my four year university experience.  My first day consisted of attempting to grasp the myriad of charts, symbols and numbers that were rapidly changing on the two computer screens I was watching.  Adjusting to the terminology of candlesticks, SPOOZ futures, P & Ls, TWAP orders and pivot points was something new to me, but incredibly interesting.  In addition to learning the trading side of Hedge Fund Live, employees are all responsible for developing the media side which is equally challenging.  The balance is training and learning to be a disciplined trader while broadcasting this process to the entire Internet, uploading blogs and sending out twitter messages.  Halfway through my second day, these charts and numbers were easier to understand and the media demands seem surmountable.  In this environment, if your learning curve isn’t steep, it doesn’t appear you will last long.