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Eitan F. - Intern

HFL’s Mystery Woman

She keeps going up and down. She starts off the day drowsy and red, so I guess she’s not a morning person, and as the day goes on she slowly starts to wake up and gets greener and greener. Once she is green, she’s the hulk and can’t be stopped, climbing her way higher and higher. But once she reaches a certain point, she stops and stays steady and just relaxes. This has been going on for the past few weeks I have been here at HFL. I’m sure you are all curious who this mysterious woman is and no it’s not Ramon. Her name is Profita Anda Lossa a.k.a. Profits & Loss (P&L).

I send an update of her around every half an hour throughout the day. Each day, I see her start out slowly and make her way into the green but she stops at around the same number every day. I don’t know if she has OCD and has to stop at this number, maybe it’s just out of habit or maybe she is just not committed to go that extra mile to achieve greatness. I can’t control her and from the looks of it no one can. She’s her own woman and she can’t be controlled.  Hopefully someone will grab hold of her reigns and steer her towards the top, but until then, Profita Anda Lossa (P&L), will be HFL’s mystery woman.


This is my first ever blog at my first ever internship. In previous summers I have had jobs as a counselor or lifeguard, never getting exposed to a work life where any day could make or break you. By interning at TFG/hedgefundlive I am able to see what being a trader is all about. It’s nice to hear and see what’s going on but it would be great if I knew what they were talking about. Well of course they are talking about trading stocks and which ones are good to trade and which ones aren’t. But I want to understand their lingo and to be able to follow stocks and to walk out of the summer with not a full grasp, not even a half of a grasp but just a tiny morsel of what’s going on in the business and stock trading world.
So far I have been cleaning up address books and helping upload files and videos onto the new website and by doing this I have learnt a lot about business behind the scenes. Also, Mosk will soon be giving a 15 min. lesson a day on what I wanted. He is going to talk about stocks and bonds and everything that I wanted to learn out of this internship. But then that one guy could ask “if you wanted to learn what a stock was, why didn’t you just Google it?” To answer your question my good man, I want to learn firsthand and be in the thick of it than being in my room on a laptop. To be face to face with a pro stock trader is the real deal; that beats reading what Wikipedia or what some other website tells me.